CNE and the Science and Technology Innovation City in Lanzhou New Area Signed the Smart Energy Strategic Cooperation Agreement


Yu Weizhou, the CEO of 88必发娱乐官网 (CNE), met Zhang Xuanming, the Chairman and Managing Director of the Science and Technology Innovation City in Lanzhou New Area Development Co., Ltd, at Beijing Management Center in the morning of 11 July. Jiang Yingjiu, the vice-president of CNE, Kang Dahai, the Energy Internet director, Yao Wenjun, the deputy chief engineer, and other management leaders, as well as some colleagues from Power Distribution and Sales Investment Management Department and Branch Office in Gansu Province attended the meeting.

During the meeting, Chairman Zhang Xuanming introduced the foundation background, development status, and prospect of Lanzhou New Area and expressed his willing for further business cooperation in energy supply system for both parties.

CEO Yu Weizhou introduced CNE’s core business and strategic investment trend, analyzed the opportunity of current reformation of state electric power system and expressed the expectation for investment of comprehensive energy field in the Science and Technology Innovation City in Lanzhou New Area.

The Science and Technology Innovation City in Lanzhou New Area is an important step of comprehensively implementing “the protocol of ministry-provincial government consultation system between Ministry of Science and Technology and Gansu provincial government” and “Gansu provincial government’s comments on supportive policies for development and constructions of Lanzhou New Area”. It is the subject of innovative projects in Lanzhou New Area implemented by Gansu Science and Technology Development and Investment LTD., aiming at gathering scientific and technological resources, supporting to realize transfer and transformation of scientific and technological achievements, promoting the construction of industrial base in Lanzhou New Area, driving innovative development across areas and the whole province. As the fifth state-level new area, Lanzhou New Area is decided by the State Council to build as an important growth pole in northwest region, important national industrial base, important strategic platform opening to west region and demonstration district of undertaking industrial transfer. With the object of building “important national industrial base and demonstration district of undertaking industrial transfer”, Lanzhou New Area has so far introduced accumulatively 338 industrial projects with total investment of up to 422 billion, 126 of which have been operated by implementing the instruction of moving industries out from city into specific industrial zone, attracting investment and cultivating industries. This signifies that industrial agglomeration effect is gradually appearing in Lanzhou New Area.

Both parties held the meeting mainly focused on the construction of effective and smart multi-energy supply system in the Science and Technology Innovation City in Lanzhou New Area and other relevant areas, and signed the smart energy strategic cooperation agreement.

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