CWP Signed Strategic Cooperation Agreement and the Cooperation Agreement of Kangbao Wind Power Proje

On 6th February 2013, CWP and Beijing JINGCHENG New Energy Co., Ltd. (JCNE) signed strategic cooperation agreement and Kangbao wind power project cooperation agreement.

According to this agreement, CWP and JCNE co-invest to construct Hebei Kangbao Phrase I 48MW wind power project. In addition, they established a strategic cooperative relation to co-invest in 2-4 quality wind power projects on a case by case basis, aiming to jointly constructing 500MW wind power projects at the end of the 12th five year plan period.

CWP Chairman of the Board & CEO Mr. Liu Shunxing, Chief Engineer Mr. Xie Jianmin, CEO Assistant Mr. Wang Zuohai and etc. were present the signing ceremony.




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