CWP Creatively Implemented Wind Power Project Financing Through Leasing

CWP’s Anhui Tianchang Concord Wind Power Ltd. formally signed the leasing contract with Shanghai Electric Leasing Company. Mr.Wang Xun, the executive director and executive vice president of CWP and Mr.Hu Mingyang, the CFO of CWP, attended the signing ceremony.

The successful corporation with Shanghai Electric Group is a kind of financial innovation under the joint effort of both sides. It broke the limitation of traditional finance leasing which can only satisfy the equipment financing, realized the target of project financing, and provided sufficient funds for completing the project through the method of leaseback the whole project.

The successful implement of finance leasing on Tianchang project established a new model for the corporation between CWP and equipment suppliers, and marks a mutually beneficial and win-win financing approach on construction and investment of wind farm explored by CWP.



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