CWP Signed a 1GW Solar Power Project Development Agreement with Jiayuguan Government

On 29th of December 2011, signing ceremony and press conference about 1GW solar power project development agreement between CWP and Jiayuguan government was successfully held in Lanzhou.

Vice Secretary of Gansu Provincial Committee and Governor of Gansu Province Liu Weiping, Vice Governor Yu Haiyan, Secretary-General of the provincial government Li Peiwen, and secretary of Jiayuguan municipal committee Zheng Yajun attended the ceremony, which hosted by Liu Peng, the mayor of Jiayuguan. Wang Xun, the executive director and executive vice president of CWP attended the ceremony and signed the agreement.

Jiayuguan has solid industrial foundation, and abundant solar resources with obvious location advantages. “Six big energy grids” realized cross-border transmission here and it has exceptional advantages to develop this strategic new industry.




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