CWP's Fuxin Taihe WindPower Ltd. Obtained RMB 600million Unsecured Loans form ICBC

On 23rd June 2011, CWP’s  Fuxin Taihe WindPower Ltd. obtained 15 years long-term credit support with a total amount of RMB600million from ICBC Fuxin Branch. Wangxun (the Executive Vice President of CWP), Liu Dongyan (the Vice President of CWP), Hu Mingyang (the CFO of CWP), Zhou Yujun from CWP’s Financing Dept. and representatives from ICBC Fuxin Branch attended the signing ceremony.

ICBC headquarters has put CWP in its VIP client list in windpower industry, and ICBC Liaoning Branch and Fuxin Branch implemented the headquarters policy actively with giving great support to CWP. ALL of these again indicated that CWP’s competitive strength and development potential has been accepted by top financial institutions, which will bring more favorable financial support for CWP’s long-term fast development.




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