China WindPower Achieved a Significant Business Growth in 2010

In 2010, China WindPower Group attained 13 project approvals (total capacity of 900MW) from NDRC/PDRC.  

In 2010, the Group had 9 new wind farms started operation.  The total capacity is 597MW (attributable capacity of 374MW).  As at 31 December 2010, China WindPower Group has a total of 21 operational wind farms with total capacity of 1163MW (attributable capacity of 657MW).  Compare to 2009 year end, China WindPower Group’s wind farm capacity has increased more than a double.  

In 2010, the Group generated total on-grid electricity of 1125.88 million kwh in total, representing an increase of 194% compared to 2009.  The attributable portion was 510.83 million kwh, representing an increase of 217% compared to 2009.  

In 2010, the Group has also secured CDM registration with the United Nations for 5 projects. A total of 7 projects are now registered for CDM. 

In 2010, the Group’s wind power plants reduced emission of carbon dioxide by 1.15 million tons, the emission of sulfur dioxide by 11,444 tons, and the emission of nitrogen oxides by 1,015 tons.  In contrast to coal-fired thermal power plant, the Group’s wind power plants saved standard coal of 390,000 tons and water of 3.24 million tons.
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