Jingmen Municipal Party Secretary of Hubei Province, Ms. WANG Ling Visited our Group in Hongkong

On September 9th, Jingmen municipal party secretary of Hubei Province, Ms. WANG Ling accompanied by Jingmen deputy mayor, Mr. WANG Zhiyong, Dongbao warden, Mr. HE Hai, and etc. visited our group. Our Chairman, Mr. LIU Shunxing introduced to Ms WANG Ling about the group’s down south strategic plan of wind power investments and discussed about development plan of investing wind power projects as well as promoting industrial chain development in Jingmen city of Hubei province. Ms. WANG Ling gave the group highly appreciation on the strategic plan and expressed very positive comment that the Jingmen government will support our group’s wind power development in Jingmen city.

Mr. Liu and Ms Wang exchanged presents and photos were taken to mark the occasion.

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