Our Group Obtained Two More Wind Power Projects Approvals from Jilin Province Development and Reform

Our Group Jilin Zhenlai Heiyupao Phase Ⅱ wind power project and Jilin Zhenlai Linchang Phase Ⅱ wind power project were approved by Jinlin Provincial Development and Reform commission on 18th June, 2010. Before obtained PDRC approvals, these two projects had obtained grid connection approval and grid connection appraisal opinion approval by the State Grid Corporation. That means all construction conditions are processed and the projects will be in operational before the end of this year.

The capacity of each wind project is 49.5MW, which will be installed 33 sets of 1.5 MW wind turbines. After being operational, each project will generate more than 100 million KWH of electricity per year and each project’s CO2 emission reduction will be more than 100 thousand tons per year.

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