China WindPower Lands Two Exclusive Wind Power Development Project Agreements in Hebei Province with

Recently, Our Group has signed two wind power development project agreements with [Kangbao] County and [Guyuan] County in Hebei Province, China. These projects boast a capacity of 200MW each in the first phase.

Pursuant to the agreements, the Group has the right to develop wind power in an area of about 150 sq. km. and 260 sq. km in [Kangbao] County and the north part of [Guyuan] County respectively. Phase I of these projects boast a capacity of 200MW each and are expected to be completed by the end of 2010.

[Kangbao] County and [Guyuan] County are both in [Zhangjiakou] City, Hebei Province. This area is China's first thousand MW wind power model region blessed with tremendous wind power resources favourable for supporting large-scale wind power establishments.

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