Academic Interactions between Our Group and North China Electric Power University (NCEPU)

On 9th December, Mr.Xie Jianmin, the chief engineer of our group (visiting professor of  NCEPU) conducted a special lecture on the topic of "An Introduction of the Development and Related Technology of China Wind Power Industry". This lecture is the 91st "NCEPU Campus Lecture", which is hosted by Zhangli, Vice Chairmen of renewable energy school. There are about 200 people attended this lecture and created warm atmosphere. Mr. Xie's great presentation received tremendous ovation.

NCEPU is affiliated with the Ministry of Education and officially listed as one of the "211 Project' universities. The university is cofounded by the Ministry of Education and seven mega electric companies. As the first university having wind power subject, the collaboration between China WindPower Group and NCEPU will improve both party's prestige in wind power industry. We wish the collaboration will be a great example of the cooperation between enterprise and university.




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