Our Management Team Visited Garrad Hassan Partners in Bristol, U.K. to discuss Cooperative Issues

On 15th, October, Mr. LIU Shun Xing, our CEO led a team to visit Garrad Hassan in Britain, U.K., and meet Dr. Philip Taylor—the general manager, Dr. WEI Liang Tao—Head of China , and Richard Whiting—lead of Asian energy and development service group. Both sides introduced the status quo and future of the wind power business respectively. Moreover, they further discussed the cooperative issues of wind resource evaluation and wind farms operation and maintenance.

About Garrad Hassan
Garrad Hassan and Partners Limited were established in 1984 to answer a growing need for independent expert advice on wind energy. GH now employs over 240 full time staff working in the wind energy and marine renewable industries around the world and is recognized as the leading independent authority.

GH Bladed, launched in 1996, is the industry standard software package for wind turbine design and analysis. GH T-MON is an integrated hardware and software system for the measurement of structural loads and performance of wind turbines. In 1998, the company launched GH Wind Farmer, the advanced software tool for the design and analysis of wind farms, which is used throughout the world. GH SCADA is the leading independent wind farm management, information and reporting to reporting tool. GH Forecaster, launched in 2003, provides short term forecasts of the wind energy production of wind farms.


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