CCH will cooperate with ShiJin Group to develop Erlianhaote Wind power project

    On 10th Oct 2006, CCH signed the “cooperative development agreement of wind power project” with Erlianhaote people’s Government Inner-Mongolia, and obtain right to develop the wind power project.
    On 31st July 2007, CCH, China Wind Power Investment Ltd.(CWPI) And Jinshi Share (000609) signed a three party agreement, the agreement assumpsit’s : CCH entrust CWPI to act as the offshore investor of Erlianhaote wind power project, and to register a JV together with JinShi Group, the JV will develop this wind power resource.
According to this agreement, this wind power project(PhaseI)will have a total investment of 230 million rmb, the JV’s registered capital will be 76million, CWPI will invest about 37.24million to hold 49% of the JV; Beijing ShiJin Group will invest 38.76 million to hold 51% share of the JV.
CWPI and CCH are both wholly owned by China Wind Power Holdings Limited.  the CWPI and CCH are related party which controlled by one company.
    After registration, the JV will start its construction and operation work in Erlianhaote City, Xilinguole League in Inner-Mongolia. The project locating at 8km Northwest of Erlianhaote City, which is 7km from center of the 208 national highway, belong to aridity grassland tiny foothill, with convenience traffic condition, climate aridity dry desert steppe climate. Plenty of gale days and long lasting, with very abundant wind power resource. In usual weather condition, construction work of Phase I of the project should be done and generation could start by the end of 2007. According to the agreement, total capacity of the wind power project(Phase I) is 21MW,annual generation will be 50.4million kw/h.


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