Competence Assessment

Competence Assessment
Inner-Mongolia Erlianhaote CCH Wind Power Plant Phase I 20MW and CCH Inner-Mongolia Taipusi Banner Gongbaolage Wind power Phase I 49.5MW(segment 1:10kv and 35kv transformer substation case)
Project No.: CH-07-04-1
Publication date:02/07/2007
To select a competent proposer in a publicity, justice and fairness manner, the Review Committee will focus on the equipment bidding characteristics, to carefully check and approve all documents submitted, the result is as follow:
Companies not been approved for bidding competence assessment.
1. Xuji Electric Stock Ltd.
2. Shenyang Haocheng Electric Ltd.
3. Shandong Taikai Transformer Case Ltd.
4. Shanghai ABB Transformer Ltd.
5. Zhejiang Shinaide Electric Ltd.
6. Haerbin Electricity Control Equipment 2nd Factory
Our corporation will send the bidding documents to the companies whose competence have been approved, and we will give confirm calls to these tenderers on 5th or 6th July.

Century concord Holdings Ltd.
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